Monday, March 1, 2010

Pictures From The Birfday Fiasco

This Is A Collection Of Photographs from my birthday party at RoadRummers.
Most Of These Pics Were Taken By Kelli!
The Ones That Look Like Shit Were Taken On My iPhone! 

Setting Up The P.A.

Brando Pours My First Shot Of Green Label

A Toast To Our Lovely & Talented Bartenders!

Nikole And Brando!


Me And Afterbirth!



Serenading Kristen/Bonnie

Serenading This Chicks Vagina!

Me And Afterbirth!



Viking Hat! 

 A Room Full Of Scumbags!


Angry Jay And Afterbirth!

Darkness Descends!

This Is Right About THe Time The Cops Showed Up.

But Angry Jay Gave No Fucks.

Room's Still Full Of Scumbags!

Joe & Bob Playing Pool!


Double Fisted!

Lauren And Bonnie Dancing To Warren Zevon!

Afterbirth And Me, Late In The Evening!

Googus And Sir Bigs!



Nikole Gets a Better View

And Some Friendly Motherfucker Helps Her Keep Her Balance!

The End.

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