Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The best stations for FM iPod transmitters in Suffolk & Nassau

Hey guys... I just got a new fm transmitter for the car... In order to get the best performance possible out of it, I went & found a list of all the local FM stations, mathematically calculated the largest portions of dead air on Long Islands airwaves & determined the median dead spot between all the transmitting frequencies.

I discovered the best frequencies to tune it to are as follows:

-any frequency below 88.7
-any frequency above 107.1

So there ya have it... Just wanted to put this info up in case someone else might find it useful.
I personally plan on busting my transmitter open & soldering an extension onto the antenna wire to eliminate interference from commercial stations entirely.
(Don't tell the FCC)



Thursday, November 4, 2010

Real Nerd Shit- iOS4 Proximity Sensor Fix- You need it, I found it.

I don't usually use my blog to deal with tech-type-stuff, or to help anyone in any way.
Today, I thought I'd change that... Just for today...

This post really only concerns seasoned iPhone jailbreakers who are having issues with their 4.1 upgrade... if that isn't you, you probably just want to bounce up out of here.
This is apparently a pretty widespread problem, and I seem to have found the fix... I'll warn you now, it's fairly labor intensive, and it requires a pretty good grasp of the inner workings of your root folder, or just plenty of free time to google the steps you need to take. I'm not going to break down HOW to do it, just WHAT you need to do.
I'm running iOS 4.1 on my Iphone 3G- it was running slow when I first upgraded, and I had an issue with the proximity sensor not recognizing when the phone was away from my ear during a call- basically, the screen would go black when I was on a call, and not light back up when I took the phone away from my face- which meant I couldn't hang up on anyone, and I'm ALL ABOUT hanging up on people, so I had to correct this IMMEDIATELY.
I heard rumors that the proximity sensor issue & speed issue could be resolved by a factory restore AS A NEW PHONE, but I didn't want to lose all my contacts & what-have-you-
Here's how I got everything running smoothly...
I backed up my contacts, calendars, safari bookmarks, & KEYCHAINS (remember that for later) manually via SSH (i use Fugu), cooked my own custom jailbreak firmware with PWNAGETOOL, restored as a new phone with my cooked OS, and the phone seemed to be running faster than it EVER did running 3.1.3. (Battery life also improved). Then I SSH'd into the phone to put back all the files I saved earlier.
I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, everything worked fine, until I restored my KEYCHAINS files, at which point the proximity sensor issue started up again.
I was forced to factory restore AGAIN, with my same cooked firmware... this time I replaced only my Contacts, Calendars, & Bookmarks, but NOT MY KEYCHAINS.
I just re-entered that info manually, which was a pain, but it somehow did the trick, as I am now running a fully functional jailbroken version of iOS4 on an iPhone 3G with NO ISSUES WHATSOEVER regarding speed, battery life, or proximity sensor issues.
AT&T's service still sucks though.

Nerdy enough for ya, guys?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New BizNizz Card!

I'm officially out of "don't become another zombie" cards, so I had to print up a new batch.
I considered using one of the many photos of my phone number scrawled on bathroom walls as the new business card, but decided to go with this slick little design.

"authorized jobber", LoL.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gay Juggalos Hitting On Dudes at the Myzery & fOREVERMAN show last week.

This video starts out with Myzery signing an autograph for Mikey Lac.
It then continues with footage of my super-gay homies (BRYNESTEIN, WILDO, & ALFRED) hitting on dudes.
Followed by a short clip of me serenading all 3 of Bonnie's holes.
Concluded by a punch in the cunt.

Voicemail From My Dad

Google voicemail transcription ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Trip To The Gathering Of The Juggalos 2010

This is a collection of videos that I shot at The Gathering of The Juggalos 2010.

Me & My Homie Ian (occasionally referred to as "Pissface" or the "The Ref") left for Southern Illinois from New York. As we were driving through Pennsylvania, we stopped at a gas station next door to a porn store & immediately recognized it as the porn store from the videos of our trip to GOTJ in 2007 (viewable HERE), where we met a random juggalo named Bill. We decided to go in & see if Bill still worked there:

Bill wasn't in there, so we just perused the magazine racks, & I wound up buying a 3-pack containing an issue of "Plumpers", some censored vintage Euro-Porn, and an issue of "Swank" with Ron Jeremy on the cover, which was DOPE, because Ron Jeremy was at The Gathering, & I got him to autograph it for me. Evidence at the jump.

Once at The Gathering grounds, we wound up waiting on a long-ass line of cars.
But I wasn't trying to wait to see all my homies, so I went walking around tracking them down.

Mission Accomplished! Homies found!
At the front of the line, I found these MassHoles!

Walking back to the truck, saw this guy in ladies underwear:

Finally made it (snuck?) onto our campsite, set up shop & peeped the scene:

Once those honkies got their giant american flag on lock, it was time to admire the view:

Campsite set up & honkies holding it down, Me and Mark went for a stroll through the grounds, where we found these fools:

And these fools:

And especially, these fools:

Then I went on a Hay Ride with THESE fools:

Back at the campsite, acting like fools ourselves, we offered this random dude a free beer if he dumped a can of dee-licious Faygo Brand Soda-Pop down his pants.
The video should have been longer, but the motherfucker pulled his dick out & i didn't want to put that on YouTube.

At The Honkie Hangout in Scrub Central, we were holding it down, General-Store-Style, with everything you needed: Cold Beer, Blunts, Smokes, Snacks, T-Shirts... The shit was like a 7-11... we even had Hot Dogs yo!

Everyone knows Hot Dogs make you shit your ass, so it was time for a dramatic trip to the sick toilets:

These guys are probably my favorite drunk retards of the weekend.
They were just sitting at a picnic table, serenading girls with stupid little songs about their boobs.

Later on that night, I was sitting at the campsite talking shit with a megaphone, when some fools came up and apparently recorded my shit-talk.
The video showed up in an article on and many people have been getting their panties in a bunch about it.
All I have to say is that if you don't like my opinions, form your own.

Some folks have been noticing that I seem to have a distaste for the scene, and wondering why I stick around, and bother going to The Gathering even though I don't get booked to perform anymore.
My answer is always "Friends & Memories".
This year was my TENTH year in attendance.
In ten years, I've made some great friends, and we've created a lot of great memories.
The Gathering is the one time of the year we can all get together, catch up, and get stupid.
So when I snagged some stage time at AREA 17,  I only promoted it to the motherfuckers on the campsite, and wound up with a tent full of my favorite folks in the world.

Can we talk about CLUB LOTUS for a minute?
When I heard that most of the Club Chaos crew was not going to GOTJ this year, it was some shocking news. Charlie & them have been holding it down for years. Club Chaos was like an institution.
Rather than let the memory die, SHADOW brought the gear and held it down himself in the same spot Club Chaos usually resides, & rechristened it CLUB LOTUS.
When I say he held it down, he HELD IT DOWN, with live musical performances, debauchery, and of course, WRESTLING:

You may recognize the "referee" in this match as my longtime homie "Ian Face".

After wrestling, me & Face went to get a cheeseburger, or something, and wound up at this infected sinkhole:

A word of advice: 
Never fall asleep with your shoes on.
Not Once, Not Never. Don't Do It.
Here's Why:

Here's another reason:

And possibly the best reason not to pass out at GOTJ:
You might wake up wearing a fOREVERMAN t-shirt like Mr. Voorheez here:

At least Cid had the foresight to take his shoes off, so we woke him up gingerly, with a homo-erotic head-rubbing with my bloody hand.

We are now reaching the end of the Gathering... Monday morning... 
Everyone is packing their shit up, while Brock Lee dances to Nelly Furtado...

And Katy Perry...

And... Uh... Veruca Salt... Of Course...

The end of the Gathering is always marked with hugs, tears.... and garbage.
Mostly garbage.

I left my own personal piece of real estate looking better than I found it.
But this is not my campsite:

Until next year, WHOOP-DEE-DOOP!!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In Luv Wit A Stripper

This is some cameraphone footage of your good homies fOREVERMAN & AFTERBIRTh doing a live drunken rendition of "In This Light" & "3 Holes" performed over the instrumental from T-Pain's "In Love (With A Stripper)".
The sound is pretty shoddy, so I attempted to add captions to the video- but when I watched it, the captions were all types of fucked up, and I don't have the patience to fix it.
So I'm posting it as is.
Enjoy it, or don't.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Free Show In Manhattan!

Here's The Flyer:

Here's the info:

Free Show!
All Ages!
Yippie Museum!
9 Bleecker Street!
Friday, July 2nd!

This is the NY stop of the HyTownRecords/FTIrecords "Beneath The Concrete" Tour, featuring performances by KryptiK, iNFiNiTTi, Hostile Figures, TNT, Dirty-C, and 5:AM.
This particular show will also feature a one-off solo performance from your good homie fOREVERMAN.

Music kicks off at 6, and will probably run no later than 10!
Get there early!

*Yippie Museum does not serve alcohol of any kind, so bring your own!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coffee Shop Finger Snapping: FULL VIDEO

My good friends over at FetalCore Productions put in some serious work filming & editing this shining example of visual media entitled "Coffee Shop Finger Snapping".

It was recorded in various cozy-ass coffee-shops & shit-hole dive-venues, of course.
But that notwithstanding, this here video right here is probably the greatest piece of media that's ever had my name attached to it, which really isn't saying much- but that's why it's so cool that this is so awesome!

So, here's the clip!

Watch it!
Enjoy it!
Share it!

Trouble viewing the embedded video?


Or visit the NO AFFILIATION account page on Vimeo at

This video is available as a free download if you have a Vimeo account (It takes like 2 minutes to set up, & it's free, you cheap-ass!).

Also, for a limited time, if you ask me for a copy of it, I'll burn you out a Full-Quality DVD-R and snail mail it to you.
Seriously, just ask!

Send DVD Requests & ANY FEEDBACK to


-That Motherfucker fOREVERMAN!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sneak Preview Of "Coffee Shop Finger Snappin"

This is a clip of "Pretty Fuckin Please" from the upcoming free video E.P. "Coffee Shop Finger Snappin", that was put together by the good folks at Fetalcore Productions.

This clip, to me, is fucking incredible, and I think it stands on it's own, apart from the rest of the awesomeness of the "Coffee Shop" collection, so I'm posting it right here, right now, on it's own, before the rest of the footage is released.

As always, Feedback is appreciated!

Here's the clip!!

Enjoy it yo!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Off The Wall

This tag was found on a tablecloth in a classy restaurant? I think this shit's getting a little out of hand.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Off The Wall

Found in the Ladies Room At Tammany Hall in Woostah, Mass.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bear Hopping!

White text, as usual, is some random nut with a poor grasp of grammar
who found my screenname.
Green text, as always, is my fool ass.

Next fOREVERMAN performance: 4/18: Blazed & Confused in Woostah, Mass

This is a killer lineup,
Worcester is a killer crowd.
I'm hyped as fuck for this shit right here.

Tickets are 13 bucks.

Everyone through the door will receive a FREE limited edition cd
featuring one song from each artist on the bill, including:
My stupid ass, Hy-Town Records, Dead By Wednesday, BeastMaster, Wayne
Da Payne, Walking Dead, Kryptik, Lewn, Bogus Trizzy, Mars, joint
Damage, Bigg Juicy, DJ Slim, KillFuck, SplitFace, TnT, Soulz of
Brutality, Project Red, Acidic, MassMurdraz, & JNuts!

Holy fucking shit, that's a crazy lineup!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Off The Wall

At what I assume is a shithole full of honkies.

What's the deal?

People keep asking what's up with the blog, why it hasn't been
updated, etc.
I haven't abandoned it, I just haven't been doing much of anything
worth talking about. I assure you that as soon as I'm interesting, the
blog will be updated.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Off The Wall

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pictures From The Birfday Fiasco

This Is A Collection Of Photographs from my birthday party at RoadRummers.
Most Of These Pics Were Taken By Kelli!
The Ones That Look Like Shit Were Taken On My iPhone! 

Setting Up The P.A.

Brando Pours My First Shot Of Green Label

A Toast To Our Lovely & Talented Bartenders!

Nikole And Brando!


Me And Afterbirth!



Serenading Kristen/Bonnie

Serenading This Chicks Vagina!

Me And Afterbirth!



Viking Hat! 

 A Room Full Of Scumbags!


Angry Jay And Afterbirth!

Darkness Descends!

This Is Right About THe Time The Cops Showed Up.

But Angry Jay Gave No Fucks.

Room's Still Full Of Scumbags!

Joe & Bob Playing Pool!


Double Fisted!

Lauren And Bonnie Dancing To Warren Zevon!

Afterbirth And Me, Late In The Evening!

Googus And Sir Bigs!



Nikole Gets a Better View

And Some Friendly Motherfucker Helps Her Keep Her Balance!

The End.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

March 5th in Massachusetts

The next live fOREVERMAN performance is scheduled for FRIDAY, MARCH
5th, 8:00 PM, at YAZ'S PLACE in QUINCY, MASS!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Birthday Party This Sunday- New Flyer

Thanks to Kelli for slapping this shit together!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More True Tales From My Inbox- I'm An Asshole

With a name like "Tent Pitcher", you'd think this chick would have a sense of humor.

True Tales From My Inbox- I'm A Nerd

 This is a useless conversation I had with some stupid bitch from Brooklyn.