Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coffee Shop Finger Snapping: FULL VIDEO

My good friends over at FetalCore Productions put in some serious work filming & editing this shining example of visual media entitled "Coffee Shop Finger Snapping".

It was recorded in various cozy-ass coffee-shops & shit-hole dive-venues, of course.
But that notwithstanding, this here video right here is probably the greatest piece of media that's ever had my name attached to it, which really isn't saying much- but that's why it's so cool that this is so awesome!

So, here's the clip!

Watch it!
Enjoy it!
Share it!

Trouble viewing the embedded video?


Or visit the NO AFFILIATION account page on Vimeo at http://vimeo.com/noaffiliation

This video is available as a free download if you have a Vimeo account (It takes like 2 minutes to set up, & it's free, you cheap-ass!).

Also, for a limited time, if you ask me for a copy of it, I'll burn you out a Full-Quality DVD-R and snail mail it to you.
Seriously, just ask!

Send DVD Requests & ANY FEEDBACK to thatmffm@gmail.com


-That Motherfucker fOREVERMAN!

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