Saturday, August 27, 2011

Free Download: Bootleg Quality Improv Jam: fOREVERMAN & THE MISTAKE


So, last night I went out to this Open Mic on Long Island.
Full backline at this place- guitar, bass, drums... as well as musicians willing to play those instruments.
We put together a rag-tag, on-the-spot band called "The Mistake", & signed up to perform.
All the music was completely improvised, none of the musicians have played together before.
There are no pre-recorded instrumentals or back-up vocals.
It was a Sink or Swim situation... and I feel like we Floated, for the most part.
Some dude in the back of the room recorded it on his phone & emailed it to me this morning.
The quality is probably around a C-, but the performance itself was quite interesting- though not without its rough patches & a few false starts.
If you want to check it out:


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