Saturday, January 30, 2010

Download The Voicemail Album

This is the non-anticipated follow-up to my most ill-conceived &
disposable album ever.
A collection of sort-of hysterical & very-much scathing &
sloppy-drunken voicemails I received from idiots, dummies, and good
It also contains 4 "songs" recorded on an iPhone 4-track application.
Two are original compositions. 
One is an MC 900 Foot Jesus cover. 
One is a Lou Reed cover. 
All of them suck.
There is also a brand new, super-abrasive remix of 
"Outskirts of Life", which is awesome. Fuck your ears.
  Plus! A twenty minute interview that originally appeared on the Original
Geeks Podcast last week.


Who says failure can't be fun?

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