Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Googling Myself!

I plugged my own stupid name into a search engine, and google scoured the worlds interwebs for references to myself-
Most of the results were my own official pages, or links to Eric Clapton videos-
but in the midst of that, I found this fucking gem.
It was posted on VampireFreaks, by a local horrorcore rapper that I used to book on my shows, that NEVER drew a single head (aside from his hypeman), can't spit for shit, uses the studio versions of his songs to rap over at shows (with full vocals in the background), claims NYC while living in Nassau County, glorifies rape, and gets the money to press up his albums from his mom.
This kid talks so much shit, he should flush his face down the toilet.

All I'll say about this is: the internet's a small place, and long island is even smaller.

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