Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blast From The Past: Me & Sindee Williams

This is a picture of Porn Star Sindee Williams, and my goofy ass in face paint at GOTJ in Peoria, Illinois, back in 2002.
I'm not sure if those are bite marks or herpes on her chest, but whatever they are, she didn't get them from me. And believe me, I was trying to kick some game.
Earlier in the day, before this picture was taken, I was outside my hotel, chillin with random motherfuckers in the parking lot. I was chilling with some funny chubby motherfucker for like an hour, when out of nowhere, "Missy" comes walking up with a bag of food for him.
It turns out, he was her son. I remember as if it was a meal ago, she went out to get dinner for him, but wasn't sure if he wanted Chicken, or Waffles, so she got him BOTH, plus fries and biscuits for good measure.

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